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A good lipstick in a ROSE WOOD shade.

Discussion in 'makeup, hair, & perfume' started by goere, May 23, 2011.

  1. goere

    goere Fuck thee.

    You know... NUDE.

    I always end up with the wrong nudes.

    They're either too pink or too bright or too brown/dark.

    All I want is a ROSE WOOD tone. Something that's one shade above your

    natural tone of the lips, subtle, but still noticeably lipstick. And warm.

    My skin is olive and rather tanned.

    Please recommend stuff. :love:
  2. Ronette

    Ronette Well-Known Member

    Me too, I think dirtyplotte made a thread like this but for lip stain/gloss in this colour.
  3. sugarscar

    sugarscar Banned

    Crystal Pink Pure Colour lipstick by Estee Lauder is dreamy.

    i'm in love with their Vanilla Truffle lippy too, but it's very pale.
  4. shadow

    shadow not here nor there. yet.

  5. .parisian

    .parisian .tess d'urberville

    tom ford recently came out with a gorgeous collection of lipsticks. there is a rosey one and a proper nude.
  6. obscurearse

    obscurearse the figurehead

    This. Blush Nude is absolutely gorgeous.
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  7. goere

    goere Fuck thee.

    Found it. I bought the 101 Voilette de Madame by Guerlain:

    (not this colour, but this lipstick :love:)

  8. kwhatever

    kwhatever dead dot com.

    the rule for nude is 3 shades lighter than your skintone or 3 shades darker.

    if you put it on with no makeup on and it makes you look more dead, you have to wear it with a smokey eye.

    if you put it on and it makes you like you're more fleshy, then you can wear it however the fuck you want too.
  9. rosaline

    rosaline x_x

    wearing a colour lighter than your skintone seems so wrong to me. when i was little i threw away all my mums pink lipstick & left her with only red because pink was a waste of time in my mind
  10. kwhatever

    kwhatever dead dot com.

    really? i personally think a nude 3 shades darker sounds weirder. but its been proven to me that it can look ok.

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